LifeCare Community in Southbury, Connecticut

The promise of healthcare for life.

Senior woman sitting with granddaughter

LifeCare is smart and forward-thinking, like the residents at Pomperaug Woods. It enhances your financial independence with asset protection and the promise of exceptional care at a predictable cost. With a LifeCare plan in place, you can be certain you’ll never be a burden to your family, financially or otherwise. LifeCare residents are assured all-encompassing care at predictable rates they can count on, with the added benefit of asset and estate protection.

As Southbury’s only not-for-profit LifeCare community, Pomperaug Woods offers graduating levels of living, all under the same roof. Instead of having to manage medical problems as they arise, you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to the care you need. All at a predictable monthly fee that promises to be far lower than out-of-pocket rates. It’s a secure and reassuring life plan that gives you the confidence to fully embrace the art of living.

Important advantages of the LifeCare contract include:

  • One-time entrance fee, 80% refundable, for strong estate preservation.

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Pomperaug Woods is a CCRC with LifeCare, offering options and independence – providing the necessary levels of service that allow you to remain independent longer. It provides lifetime security and the assurance that you’ll receive the necessary level of care, right here at Pomperaug Woods, for one predictable monthly fee. You’ll also receive the added reassurance that your assets and your estate will be protected.

The entrance fee covers the entire continuum of care. You can move to Pomperaug Woods when you’re healthy and active as part of independent living. If ever needed, you’ll gain more advanced levels of care, without ever having to move to another community. The entrance fee actually lowers your monthly fee and is 80% refundable, providing strong estate protection. Pomperaug Woods also offers a declining refund option where the entrance fee is amortized on a monthly basis for the first 50 months of residency. After 50 months, there is no refund of the entrance fee.

The monthly service fee is a comprehensive charge based on the size of your residence and number of occupants. The fee covers a variety of services, including your meal plan, interior and exterior maintenance, utilities, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, and all the services and amenities we provide – as well as LifeCare benefits. Incremental adjustments are typically made once per year.

As a not-for-profit community, if you outlive your resources for reasons outside of your control and are unable to pay your monthly service fee, you’ll still have a home here and are entitled to priority access to our healthcare for life. In addition, your family won’t be saddled with the financial burden. Ask for details when signing your Residency Agreement.